About Us


Asst. Prof. Asli Simsek


Deputy Director

Instructor Damla Songur


Foundation and Corporate Structure

Women’s Studies Center (KASAUM), Atilim University was established in accordance with Article 7 of Foundation Higher Education Institutions Regulation and amended article 7/d-2 of the Higher Education Law number 2547 as published in the Official Gazette dated 12 September 1998 and numbered 23461, and started providing active service as from 2010. KASAUM is a research center reporting to Presidency.

The center is administrated by and Asst. Prof. A. Aslı Şimşek after the services of Asst. Prof. Hayal Zulfikar, Assoc. Prof. Lerzan Gultekin and  Assoc. Prof. Gul Gunes. The administration of the center and membership procedures are carried out by the academic members conducting studies on gender and women’s studies.

Besides the Director and Vice Director, the Center also incorporates a “Study Committee” which consists of two study groups on “Gender Equality” and “Violence against Women” supported by the academic members of Atilim University, and an “Advisory Committee” which comprises of the academic members in and out of Atilim University who contribute to above-mentioned studies with their experience and expertise in the field.

Purposes and Targets

The purpose of KASAUM is to raise social awareness against women’s issues, and particularly, gender inequality in cooperation with relevant departments and directorates of the University.

For this purpose, KASAUM aims to establish gender equality and strengthen the status of women in the society by producing new studies and projects in theory and practice in various fields (sociology, psychology, law, politics, economy and literature) and following current studies in such fields. Therefore, the center contributes the studies conducted to raise awareness among women and men, particularly among the youth considering the fact that gender equality principle must be disseminated in all layers of the society.

The center carries out activities in and out of Atilim University to realize these purposes and targets. KASAUM engages in various activities to improve and develop the structure of the center and raise the awareness and knowledge of both academic and administrative staff and students, provide counseling and support services for the problems faced by the members of our University. Besides the activities and organizations held in the University, KASAUM is also active out of the University. The center organizes activities to raise awareness in the society, execute social responsibility studies and projects, establish cooperation and communication with both private and public organizations and non-governmental organizations and provide training/counseling support, if requested.