Useful Informations



    What is the violence against women and family members?

    It means all kinds of physical, sexual, psychological, oral or economic attitude and behavior which occurs in public or private area among the family members such as CHILDREN, SPOUSE, EX-SPOUSE, and CLOSE RELATIVES and includes the actions resulting or probable to result with physical, sexual, economic or psychological damage in the victim, and threat and pressure or deprivation of liberty.


    The institutions and organizations to be applied in case of violence or risk of violence

    For Filing a Report and Notification:

    ·         Office of the Governor - District Governor

    ·         Police Department

    ·         Gendarme Station

    ·         Judicial Authorities (Office of Chief Public Prosecutor and Family Courts

    ·         Provincial Directorates of Family and Social Policies

    ·         Violence Elimination and Monitoring Centers

    ·         Healthcare Organizations


    Emergency Hotlines

    ·         ALO 155 Police Department,

    ·         ALO 156 Gendarme Department

    ·         ALO 183 Social Service Hotline for Families, Women, Children and the Handicapped (24/7 Free Service)

    ·         0548 848 1818 Association for Social Risk Elimination/ Support and Report Line against Sexual Harassment

    ·         ALO 170 Psychological Abuse at Workplace

    ·         112 Emergency Line

    ·         Emergency Hotline for Domestic Violence - 0212 656 96 96

    ·         GELİNCİK HOTLINE 444 43 06

    ·         0216 450 5454 24/7 Report and Information Hotline for Child Abuse


    Important Links

    ·         Legal Support for Women Association

    ·         Ankara Bar Association Gelincik Project

    ·         Ending Domestic Violence Campaign

    ·         Purple Roof Women's Shelter Foundation

    ·         Women’s Solidarity Foundation

    ·         KAMER

    ·         VAKAD

    ·         Women’s Human Rights-New Solutions Foundation

    ·         Kadın Emeğini Değerlendirme Vakfı

    ·         Ankara Üniversitesi Cinsel Tacize ve Cinsel Saldırıya Destek Birimi


    *Further information is delivered in ASEL 203 Gender and Women Rights course within the frame of the subject “Violence against Women, its Types and Elimination”.