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Women’s Studies Center
Name and Foundation Date of the Center
Atilim University, Women’s Studies Center, 2010 
Reporting to
Director of the Center
Asst. Prof. A. Aslı Şimşek, Director of Women’s Studies Center, asli.simsek@atilim.edu.tr
Reporting directly to the Presidency as a research center, Atilim University Women’s Studies Center aims to raise awareness against women issues with the cooperation of relevant departments and directorates of the University. The target of the center is to establish gender equality and strengthen the status of women in the society by producing new studies and projects in theory and practice in various fields (sociology, psychology, law, politics, economy and literature) and following current studies in such fields. Therefore, the center contributes the studies which are conducted to raise awareness among women and men, particularly among the youth considering the fact that gender equality principle must be disseminated in all layers of the society.